Rachel Hatfield

LinkedIn isn’t just for recruiters and is not just an online CV.

A 15 year career in the conference and hotel industry. Communication has been a key part of my career talking to the CEO of FTSE 100 company and being able to speak to the person back of house in the kitchen at a hotel. As a stickler for outstanding customer service and delivering everything in a timely manner social media is great way of delivering customer service and speaking to clients. I have always been thinking ahead of how to do things differently with my clients, to be remembered and had a key focus on events in the financial sector, bespoke to the client as well as organising weddings and corporate hospitality at Edinburgh Castle!

Social media has been a key part to my career in using communication methods to get people to events and conferences. Creating engagement with all my clients and delegates is key to demonstrating what I am able to deliver but also promote what other people can deliver too. I am a confident, articulate communicator, both face to face and phone and always willing to go the ‘extra mile’ for my clients. Social media was a great way of keeping in touch with people that wasn’t intrusive.

My Sessions

LinkedIn isn’t just for recruiters and is not just an online CV.

This social media platform, owned by Microsoft, can also be integrated into to your sales and marketing strategy! Think of it as networking online, so, banish that ‘sinking feeling’ of cold calling and get those introductions on Linkedin. Rachel will give you some top tips on how you can get around the gatekeeper and gain […]