Ian Kinnery

‘How to kill your business’.

Ian Kinnery is no stranger to success as either a business owner a business leader or a business coach. Ian was enjoying a lucrative career in the corporate world when he realised the greatest buzz he got was in helping businesses and the people who ran them to grow and develop.

More than 25 years as the head of several major businesses, owned either privately, publically or by Ian himself, a degree, professional qualifications and a formal postgraduate business education were the preparation for Ian’s coaching career. In 2005 Ian joined the World’s leading coaching firm and quickly became one of its most effective performers worldwide. As European Coach of the Year, a Global Trainer and a multi award winning Coach Ian has presented at several international coaching conferences.

Ian is also 1 of just 4 Gazelles International coaches here in the UK. Gazelles International coaches focus primarily on the development of mid-market Companies using the Four Decisions™ as the framework for growth. Gazelles International Coaches are many of the most experienced, most effective coaches in the world. These independent executive coaches support companies and business units across the globe as they “Scale Up”.

Having owned and scaled up his own businesses Ian is acutely aware of the challenges that business owners face. “I work on the challenges of Time, Team and Money.” These pressures are all too familiar to Ian, who says “I truly wish that I had had the good judgment to have engaged a Business Coach all those years ago”

Ian has a simple, structured approach to business and has developed skills and techniques to help the business owner realise the dreams that he or she had when they first went into business.

Ian’s practical experience is vast. His business career taking him the length and breadth of the UK, working with businesses from 2 to 400 team members, developing Sales Teams and Management Teams to make profits in the retail, wholesale, and the service industry. He has worked with start ups, turnarounds and acquisitions, and always at the coal face of the business, 100% profit responsible, making the money and building the teams. In more than 10 years as a leading Business Coach he has helped hundreds of clients on their road to success.

My Sessions

‘How to kill your business’.

In this seminar Ian will share the 5 things you must do if you want to kill your business (or 5 things not to do if you want your firm to grow and scale).